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Offshore Development Centre (ODC) Services

Offshore Development Centre (ODC) Services

Our offshore project development centers provide business solutions to our clients, by providing application development and design, digital marketing, and most important to so many of our clients is our software development services in an offshore setting. Our goal is to maximize our clients need for information automation while minimizing its total cost of ownership. Roh Tech  has created an offshore software development platform with an exceptional high quality focus on services to be delivered in a cost-effective, high quality and timely method. Our offshore offices deliver low cost maximum targeted results. 

Our international offshore focus provides our clients with services that are leveraged with innovative and evolving technology, global business and delivery models, which result in our clients benefiting with reduced costs, increased efficiency and higher profits. Our international and offshore niche allows us to complete reduced fee projects and development applications projects that are scalable and customized based on our clients’ demands. 

Our clients often call us dependable with fantastic customer support and service. Our IT specialists are easy to understand and help you learn what is necessary to complete the client goals. Roh Tech . strives to provide a one-stop source for all of your I.T. requirements, through upfront strategy, architectural design, program or project development, testing and implementation, and thereafter, if requested, maintenance, training and support.

Our Expertise

We are proficient in all Front-end and Back-end technologies, Salesforce, Service Now, AWS, Azure, cloud, ETL tools, Data Analytics, SAP technology, Agile and project management methods.

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Data Analytics

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ROH TECH ’s Engagement Models

Fixed Bid

Our Fixed Bid model is the best match for the client’s strategic aims. This model helps in achieving optimal operational capabilities, attain operational efficiencies, cut down on operational costs, gain cost variability and rationalize their present operating environment.

Time & Material Model

We provide Time & Material model which meet the project demands of the client where the evaluations, specifications, deliverables and implementation plans are partially defined. This model helps clients to manage team sizes and costs as the project progresses in later phases.

Full-time Equivalent (FTE)

We provide Full-Time Equivalent employees who equal the number of employees on full-time schedules and the number of employees on part-time schedules.

Roh Tech – ODC Service models

Every recruitment agency has a different hiring process and business needs; and therefore we offer flexible and customized outsourcing models that meet these unique requirements. Our recruitment process outsourcing models focus on streamlining your recruiting process, maximizing its effectiveness, and increasing your business outcomes.

2.1 Roh Tech ODC – DRM : Dedicated Resource Model

We operate a dedicated resource model (DRM), not shared service, as we have proved that this delivers better results for our clients. With a team working directly for you we are able to build clear understanding of how you work, your own client base and are thus better placed to meet yours and your clients’ requirements.

You are able to make your own decisions on the focus of our work for you while we take care of all the administrative and recruitment headaches and ensure your team functions fully and effectively and achieves its KPIs.

ROH TECH works as an extension of your business without sacrificing on quality and accountability and helps you achieve your targets faster and with far greater reliability. When we provide you highly qualified and dedicated resources who will be just working on your projects full-time, you have the added benefit of the flexibility to add more workforce for your project – temporarily or permanently according to your project demand – or to reduce it.

2.2 Roh Tech ODC BOT Model – Build, Operate & Transfer Model

We provide the build, operate, transfer (BOT) model to our clients if they wish to launch or extend their operations overseas. We are at your service to help you to build the physical infrastructure, hire suitable resources, run your processes and operations effectively and then transfer the operation into your own hands.
We remain on call to help as you develop your company and our other divisions are available to provide services to support you such as payroll, finance and accounts, software development or even assistance with the establishment of your business concern through our Roh Tech Corporate Advisors division.
With a BOT model it is very easy to see and understand the benefits we are able to deliver with our office USA and the delivery centres in Hyderabad in India. This is the most suitable model for those companies who want to replicate their business models overseas but with a team of their own employees.

Roh Tech - Other Compliance Checks

Documentation – Each client will require their own specific set of paperwork and information before they will place a candidate, so liaise with your client to ensure that you have the correct documentation before beginning the placement. This will lead to a speedy placement as well as a legally safe one.

Candidate Details – As above, make sure that your candidate has all the details required by the client in order to make sure you get a speedy placement. Double check that the details your candidate has given you are 100% correct, because some of these can lead to headaches later (such as incorrect bank details) or legal repercussions (such as permission to work in the country). Don’t offer forward a candidate until you know that they are who they say they are.

Agency Workers Regulations – Communicate with the client to make sure that your candidate is being paid correctly. It is a requirement for your candidate to be paid at least as much as a permanent employee, including benefits. Keep records of your client liaisons in case you need to provide evidence of your information in future.

Umbrella Companies – Investigate the company that your client is going to be working for, or get hold of a list of approved Umbrella Companies. Make sure that they abide by AWR and that all of their processes are compliant. Once again, having your own records of the company’s details will keep you secure in case of future legal Roh Techion.

International Regulations – It’s important to take note of the laws of another country before placing a candidate there. Make sure that their policies are in line with your own, and that your placement is eligible. It’s also worth taking note of financial regulations in international placement, such as withholding tax, to make sure that you will Roh Techually see a return on your investment.

Fraud – All of the above checks should help protect you against fraud, but that’s not always the case. Check out Safer Jobs who are helping to raise awareness of fraud in the industry, and make sure to double and triple check everything before placing candidates.

Roh Tech - Compliance Check

Reference chasing/pre-employment screening

Carrying out a reference check is one of the most important but arduous tasks in the recruitment process. Our team of trained professionals has in-depth knowledge of various industries and can help you with background checks and validation of the candidate’s employment history, the duration of their employment, their role and past performance in their previous employment in order to eliminate the risk of wrongful hiring.

Timesheets and payroll process

We all know this is the most cumbersome part of your business which ties up your time and money and holds you in an administrative headlock. So whether you need us to process timesheets or run a fully managed payroll, we’ve got this covered. Let us streamline your core back office functions of timesheet and expense processing, billing, payroll, contrRoh Tech management and reporting. Our highly skilled and dedicated payroll specialists will take care of the entire timesheet process and help you reduce your cost of operations and make a positive impRoh Tech on your bottom line.

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